Sensing Center.

The oldest brain. Sensing everything around. Alert. Alive. This is the basic foundation. The body is a sacred and divine shelter. Be rooted in the body. A strong tree grows tall with strong roots. Nourish this sensing brain, enjoy the body, love the body, be primal and alive. It will make you strong, not just in a physical sense. Embodiment.

Feeling Center.

The second brain. The center of feelings and relating. Full of juice, joy of life, connectedness to all living organisms. Reverence for life in a felt sense. Threads reaching out in connectedness. The limbic system, the limbic brain. You are not alone here. Hugging, contact, warmth, reaching out. Heartfulness and love.

Intelligence center.

Ability to plan, structure, combine and understand. Rational thought, brightness and vision. The youngest brain, the frontal cortex. Standing upright, rising above, seeking new heights. To seek new horizons, new ideas. Openness to the unknown and sacred intelligence. Appreciation of something which is greater than you. Openness without any a priori idea.

The mysterious.

All three centers, primal, limbic, neo-cortex working in harmony. A well functioning mechanism. Loved and cared for. The fourth center contains all. When all three centers function in harmony, then this center activates. God, divine, the mystery, all-that-is. A true sense of belonging arises. At-home-ness.

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NAT and the healing of meditation

Fall 2015, Bodø, Norway

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Our latest bloggings.

Closed Door – Open Door – No Door.

Having returned from 2 weeks inrelaxious outdoor living in the beautiful Pyrenees in Souther France today's metaphor that came in our daily sitting struck me as closed door – open door – no door. Let me expand on these three possibilities and actualities in our lives. Read More


Today is new word day, taking a leap from the word intensity. Normally a good word this word intensity, however, intensity has tension as it's core. Inrelaxity is a new word made up of in-relaxing-reality, relaxing into reality. Moving through life with 'relaxing into reality' as the core. A cheese-melt-sandwich. Melting into reality. The body benefits and releases tensions, the mind benefits and releases thoughts, the heart benefits and releases old emotional patterns. Life becomes simple, easy and sauntering. Read More

The unperceived nature.

That which exists with out any support, doctrine, scripture or knowledge is true wisdom. It has nothing to expound it or renounce it. It exists solely unto itself without any supports from our conceptions whatsoever. You cannot know it, ever. This will drive your mind crazy, because the mind is always trying to get it, to understand it, to perceive it, to grasp it, to hold it. The unperceived can be received, but then there is no consciousness of it as something separate from what you are. It is unconscious consciousness, both together or neither one or the other, whichever you prefer. It is equally indescribable. It is Tao, it is nature, it is the real which cannot be perceived. You flatten all that you think you are into the ground, it is ground to dust, and only the real remains, the non-verbal reality, a non-commented life, 'I don't know'. That which cannot be written about, described or perceived. The real is all that is without perceiving it, there is no middleman, there is no mind between you and reality, there is only the real, unperceived reality. Read More

Aware Heart - Heart Aware.

AH HA. When the heart of deep love for all that is in form and awareness of all that is formless melt and merge and are realized in their non-separateness their is an AH HA moment. In a revealing instant of simultaneous clarity you are awakened to reality. You see reality without filters or separation of you from reality. The form and formless exist simultaneously. How weird is that? Read More

Neutrality is the death of the mind.

Imagine that you are in such a space that you remain unaffected with the events of life, the desires of life. You are wonderfully neutral to all that happens to you within and without. You have no desires of material well being needed to fulfill you, no longings of the body to make you happy, no spiritual attainments to acquire. You are equinamiously at ease with whatsoever is. You are able to enjoy life and your body and your circumstances to the fullest because you are no longer involved in outcome one way or the other. This neutrality is the death of the mind and a return to natural innocence, neither adding anything nor detracting anything from your life. Read More

The inside of everything.

Resting in homefulness, at ease, settled, non-moving. This is the base, the homecoming, the foundation, the innermost core, the cave of the heart, forever silent. The settling. The surrender to the depth of being, the unmovable, the ever present, all-that-is. Even to formulate sentences is too much, the depth sucks you in, surrounds you, fills you, is all that you are. You are a mountain of immovability. Read More


There used to be a term for a popular sandwich at one time the BLT, bacon lettuce tomato. Now I'm a vegetarian and have been for a quarter of a century so a BLT is not so relevant, but the juiciness, the deliciousness of a well made vegetarian sandwich like the one pictured, a tempeh reuben sandwich can make my mouth water and fill me with nourishment just with the thought of it. However I'm getting off topic (or perhaps I'm on topic), what I want to talk about is the nourishment of beinglovetogether, yes it's one word because it is something that can happen between two people (or more and many people) who have their focus on beinglove together, they melt and become one, or they sit together and the tenderness of delicious meltedness comes alive and is present. Wow that was one long sentence. This beinglove – lovebeing whichever way you want to say it is delicious, is nourishing. Everything gets laid down into it. The head melts, the emotions melt, the feelings melt into it. And what you are left with is infinitely nourishing. You get what I mean? You sense it, you feel it? Beinglove requires no effort on your part. You allow it to enter your life right now, it is infinitely available, just waiting always. Read More


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